“The standard personality type for a writer is a shy megalomaniac.”

— John Lanchester (via maxkirin) —

Dul Baile


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Lucifer was more well-spoken and slightly younger, around thirty-something, than Mitchell had imagined the Devil to be. Maybe he’d had more of a caricature in mind; like the kind of character you’d see on screen with pointed features and a snarling voice. But with his hair neatly brushed back from his face and his suit probably tailor-made, he looked more… human. A real threat.

“Oh, I was just passing,” Lucifer answered coolly with his own smile, “Heard you had a window open.” He looked outside and down to the street below as if to make a point. Fixing his garish tie which, despite the rest of his suit being creamy white, was a vibrant red.

“I had thought you’d be busy, looking for our brothers and sisters. I mean, you know more than most about being fallen,” his eyes scanned over the hotel room, settling longer on the sunlit bed than anything else, “Instead I find you here.” Lucifer pointedly looked back at Anna. Schooling his features so that it was hard to tell if he was disappointed, amused, or something else entirely.

He moved forward, judging how the general of the first garrison would react if he kept stepping closer. She was already clearly guarded. He’d been distinctly amused at how quickly she stopped what she was doing and stepped in front of her vampire. Who hadn’t protested against being protected, and had mostly kept his eyes on Anna.

“How did you work it out?” A beat, “About Metatron. Rumour has it I’m still down below, and you aren’t surprised to see me.” There was that smile again; mimicking Anna’s.

An Deacra Fall Iad


Jason fell forward once the vampire had released his arm.  The drunk scarcely managed to catch himself from falling flat on his face.  His palms ground into the broken glass on the ground.  “Son of a bitch!” he bit out.  He struggled to stand upright with no success.  He sat back on his haunches and wiped his bloodied palms against his jeans.

As his head rose, he caught a glimpse of the alley cat’s luminescent eyes glowing in the darkness.  When he looked back to his assailant, he was startled to find him face-to-face with him.  He tried to read the man’s lips, still deafened from the blow to his head.  Maybe it was a trick of light, like how the cat’s eyes seemed to glow, but Jason thought he saw fangs appear in the man’s mouth.

“What the fuck?” he screamed and scrambled back on his knees.  His retreat brought him against the alley wall.  “Get away from me!”  Jason’s continued yelling brought two nearby pedestrians to peer into the alley.  They stood on the opposite sidewalk from the alley, deciding whether to intervene or not.  Ultimately, they walked on, murmuring something about calling the police.  Jason’s own predicament had him too occupied to even notice possible help had come and gone.

Despite Mitchell’s efforts to conceal his fangs until it was too late, the drunk had already spotted them. He couldn’t afford to have the stranger shouting for him to get away. It was things like that that really could draw attention to the alley, and did. The footsteps near the exit onto the pavement, on the other side of the street, were the only thing that stopped the vampire from lunging forward to shut the man up for good.

He watched them. Leaning back from his cowering victim as the would-be heroes stared back and then retreated. They’d been whispering things among themselves. Things that even with his heightened hearing, Mitchell had no chance of hearing from this far away and with the man beside him shouting and panicking. His heart racing even faster than before. That had been too close. If those pedestrians had come any closer, Mitchell would have had to have killed them too; he couldn’t afford to leave any witnesses, and now they’d been seen he knew he had to work fast. Kill, hide the body, and get out of there.

“Shit,” Mitchell muttered as he pushed himself forward. The smell of blood was even stronger now from all of the drunk’s wounds, and he had to resist the urge to give in to his hunger as he leaned closer to the man.

Grabbing him by the front of his shirt with both hands, the vampire heaved his victim away from the wall. Ignoring whatever the man might say or how he might protest. He wanted to get farther back into the alley and completely out of sight before he could feed. Which meant attempting to drag the injured drunk through the dirt and broken glass.

Morning Coffee


“Ugh, vases,” she bemoaned.  “If people knew the kinds of things that other people put in those things…” Anna trailed off and looked at Mitchell expectantly, waiting for his answer to her question.  Her smile widened at the sight of his own.  She did nothing to control her grace, which glowed a bit brighter in response to the pair being happy and near each other.

“Tuesday?” she mused.  “That would make yesterday Monday, and I was…at the warehouse.  The day before would be Sunday, and I was…at the warehouse.”  Her smile and glow began to fade as it began to dawn on her that more than three days had passed.  “I was also there on the Sabbath,” she concluded with a worried expression.  She had not been home since Friday night, she realized.  

“John, I am so sorry,” she apologized directly.  “A watch would be lovely.”  She put her almost finished hot chocolate down and cuddled next to him.  “Or I could tie a fate ribbon to you, and you can pull it when I’ve been gone too long.”  If anyone else had made that offer, it could have been taken as teasing, but Anna was serious.  Her hazel eyes searched his own, wondering how she had gotten so lucky as to be with him.  Her glow returned, along with a soft smile.  “Or you could just come to work with me?” she suggested with a kiss placed on the tip of his nose.

Once again, the TV played in the background. Completely forgotten as the couple sat cuddling one another and talking. Mitchell placed his own finished cup of coffee down on the table beside Anna’s, and wrapped both arms around the angel. Pressing another kiss to the top of her head.

She didn’t need to apologise. Anna had already warned him, from the moment he’d suggested she move in with him, that she would be busy and couldn’t always be around. Although he’d like to be selfish and have her with him all the time, he knew that she had important work to do.

“It’s okay,” with his voice dropped to a soothing whisper and his own smile a little smaller, now that Anna’s glow had begun to fade, the vampire realised how bad she must have felt. Until she suggested her ideas to stop it from happening again and the halo of her grace came back. He returned her kiss, to her lips rather than the tip of her nose, and made a mental note to still get her a watch at some point.

“Could I pick both?” Mitchell queried, his bright smile back already, “Or can I only have one?”