askanna: She placed her warm palm against his pecs, then glided them up and over his shoulders and upper arms in an effort to soothe the tension out of them. He was starving himself, but his body didn't show the struggle. Yes, it was that bad, but Anna didn't answer that particular question. If the angel had not walked through his dream, she may have never understood his conflict and suffering. She laid on top of him to share her warmth with him. "I found exactly who I was looking for," Anna assured him.

Allowing himself to relax as Anna ran her hands over him, Mitchell closed his eyes. He could feel the tension leave his shoulders and a definite calmer air settled between the two of them. For a while he could forget that he’d missed two days, and later he’d make it up to her for worrying her, but at that moment all he wanted to do was lie there with Anna. It was reassuring to feel her there against him; her weight slightly pressing down on his chest as she shifted and lay down.

"That’s lucky, so did I," Mitchell almost whispered. Glad that this wasn’t a dream, the vampire wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tight. Burying his face in her red hair with a growing smile. “Finders keepers?”